Look at Yourself
Ziggy Grover
Look At Yourself
Genre: Rock / Pop
Released November 19, 2017

cover large
Ziggy Grover
Welcome to Alphabet City
Genre: Rock / Pop
Released June 28, 2014
Singles: Dreams

Amongst Friends
Fear Less
Amogst Friends
Genre: Jazz
Released May 5, 2014
Performers: Benjamin Cowen, Max Ventura, Rob Ruffner, Gabe Novak, Emile Hsu, Adam Gurley-Green, Isaiah Simons, and Dalton Brewer

Ziggy Grover
Genre: Rock / Pop
Released May 3, 2013
Singles: Winter’s Tail, Take Me To Your Heart , End of the Road

Ziggy Grover
The Thief and the Cobbler
Genre: Rock / Pop
Released April 8, 2012
Singles: The Last King of Thailand, More Than Friends


EP cover
Ziggy Grover
Learning To Love Again
Genre: Rock / Pop
Released: October 20, 2016
Singles: Run, Run, Run


Album cover
Video game produced/directed by Jimmy Zhang
Music written and performed by Emile Hsu
Artwork by LSirius
Album released June 5, 2014

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