Emilio-Vlog: Ziggy Grover’s Groovy Tunes (Live @ The Lakeshore Inn)

Billed as “Ziggy Grover’s Groovy Tunes” for this special St. Patrick’s Day performance at the Lakeshore Inn at Hewitt, New Jersey, so I ran with it, making the songs as groovy as possible.

Sure, the attempts at being groovy were terrible, but some great picks for St. Patrick’s Day.

Set list:
“Walk in the Sun” (Danny Jones)

“Lauren & I” (Keith Harkin)

I May Not Be Back Before Bedtime, But This Is Home (Emile Hsu)

The Galway Girl (Steve Earle)

Skins (Hsu/Jimmy Zhang)

A New England (Billy Bragg)

Mental Picture (Hsu/Zhang)

Turning Away (Dougie MacLean)

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Bono/The Edge/Adam Clayton/Larry Mullen Jr.)

Performed, but not included: “On What You’re On” (James Bourne/Matt Willis/Charlie Simpson/John Fields/Lauren Christy)

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